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1.Q: How to be a distributor of XTAR?
  A: If you want to be a distributor, you can send e-mail to hello@premiumestore.com.

2.Q: I am trying to figure out how to become a VIP member and register my product?
  A: Sorry to tell you that we have stopped this item, we have announced this news in September 2012.

3.Q: I cannot wait for the XTAR new product and want to do reviews for it, how could I apply for the flashlight review?
  A: Thanks for your attention to our products, if you want to do reviews you could contact us at service@premiumestore.com.

4.Q: Where can I repair my flashlight?
  A: Dealers will be responsible for customers. Customers are recommended to contact the dealers or distributors from whom you bought XTAR lights for warranty support with XTAR "Warranty Card" and either a trade invoice or receipt. XTAR will provide our authorized dealers with the technology and parts to service our lights.

5.Q: Why the flashlight becomes hot after running for a long time?
  A: The flashlights can get hot to the touch if left on for extended periods of time, because LED will generate heat even though operating at much lower temperatures. So never leave the flashlights on unattended and never leave them where children can gain access to them.

6.Q: When the battery is full charged, will the MP1S charger turn off to prevent the battery from overcharging?
  A: Yes, the charger will be cut off automatically when the battery is fully charged, and it will restart charging when the charger detected the voltage is below 3.9V. In order to extend the battery lifespan, we recommend that taking the battery out from charger when it is full charged.

7.Q: I want to buy a BK12, is it waterproof? Btw, are all XTAR flashlight waterproof?
  A: Yes, BK12's waterproof grade reaches to IP¡Á8. All modes of XTAR flashlight are waterproof. For more details, you could visit our official Website to get the specification.

8.Q: How to certify my flashlight is XTAR genuine product?
  A: Since December 12th 2012, all products of our company are labeled with anti-fake code. Please scratch the coverage to obtain the 18-digit number, and input it to the input box to indentify the product's authenticity in the Anti-fake inquiry place on our website.

Wholesale enquiries please contact us at hello@premiumestore.com.
For general information please email to service@premiumestore.com.

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