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Since December12, 2012, all products of XTAR Brand will be sold with anti-counterfeiting label on the packaging. To check the products' authenticity, please scrap the anti-counterfeiting layer and input the 18-Byte printed number to the following box.

Please input the 18-Byte printed number here:



Notice:To the same series of anti-fake code, the first inquiry displays the related information about products' authenticity; The follow-up inquiry displays the first inquiry time, rather than the related authenticity information. Thus, you could judge the products' authenticity depends on the displayed time.

For example, the 123456789257896345 (imaged), the first inquiry displays:

Anti-fake inquiry

If it is the fake product, it will display:

The 123456789257896345(imaged), the follow-up inquiry displays:


If your first inquiry is not at 2013-11-12 15:21:00, that means your item is not the authority one.

Any problem, please feel free to contact us.

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