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XTAR products' Warranty Policy

1. Service Principal

1) XTAR provides easy, reliable, speedy service to all products under our warranty.

2) All XTAR products carry a 'Back to Base' Warranty.

Please bring the item which required for replace or repair, together with purchase receipt and XTAR warranty card get back to the point of purchase for warranty service.

3) Dealers will be responsible for customers. Customers should contact the dealers or distributors from whom they bought XTAR lights for warranty support with XTAR 'Warranty Card'and either a trade invoice or receipt. XTAR will provide our authorized dealers with the technology and parts to service our products.

2. Service Promise

What we offer: We will replace products afflicted with manufacturing defects within 15 days of purchase. We will also repair a product free of charge within 24 months of purchase if problems develop with normal use, and finally our limited lifetime warranty (if repair is required after 24 months from the date of purchase, we will charge for parts. The total repair fee is according to the cost of the replaced materials).

3. Warranty Details

1) 15 days free replacement. We will repair or replace a product within 15 days of purchase if it is afflicted with a manufacturing defect. If the problem calls for a replacement, we will replace it with the same model as the one sent in. If the model has been discontinued, customers will receive a product with similar or improved performance.

2) 24 months free repair. We offer free repair within 24 months of purchase if problems develop with normal use.

3) Limited lifetime warranty. If problems develop after 24 months of the purchase date, we will charge for parts. The total repair fee is assessed according to the cost of the replaced materials, If damage to the product is substantial, XTAR will contact distributors with a quote who should contact the customers and customers will decide whether to exchange the parts or not. Freight should be paid by distributors or customers.

4) When shipping the products to the end users, distributors or dealers also need to provide the Warranty Card to users, on which, the requested information should have been filled out. The sales date and other necessary info such as stamp are also required from the distributors or dealers.

5) Customers need to fill in the blanks on the Warranty Card and keep the card with distributors or dealers'stamp or signature for repair.

6) We suggest customers request a valid purchase invoice, receipt or other evidence from the sellers when you purchasing our products. Both receipt and XTAR warranty card are required for after sales service.

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