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[2015-04-15]VVPLAY The First Chinese “Innokin” Vape Cloud Competition powered by XTAR held successfully

VVPLAY the First Chinese “Innokin” Vape Cloud Competition contracted by CECMOL was held successfully on 10th April during the First China International Ecigarette Exhibition at Hall 6 in Shenzhen Convention Center. XTAR as one of the biggest sponsors powered this competition by sponsoring the newest XTVTC4 batteries. Vape Cloud Competition received concerns from all the community. Vape players from both China and abroad joined the Atomizer DIY and Vape Cloud contest. This competition was widely reported by media such as Global Finance, Guangdong TV Station, Shenzhen TV Station, and a lot of others. During the competition, players performed the best as they could. The thickness and length of the E-cig powered by XTAR offered chances for players to win the huge bonuses as for the first place, 8888 RMB could be taken home by the winner. For XTVTC4 batteries which driven big clouds for E-cig, good comments were received from almost all the players. As the sponsor to provide batteries for players, XTAR feels great sense of achievement as she has created so much fun for vaping lovers.


For all these years, E-cig market in China lagged far behind other countries. The First China International Ecigarette Exhibition organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shenzhen Municipal People’ Government will boost the development of Chinese Ecigarette market in a large degree. The Second China Electronic Cigarette Summit was ended as expected. In the summit, CEO Oliver Kershaw of ECF, President Arnaud Dumas of the French Association of electronic cigarette, President Jeong Yeong cheol of the Korean Association of electronic cigarettes, leading US electronic cigarette consultant Azim Chowdhury, famous ecigarette reviewer Dimitris Agrafiotis and President Allan of the Malaysian Association of electronic cigarette made their speeches on the development of E-cig industry and the market trends respectively. At the mean time, Electronic Cigarette Standard Meeting was held with attendees such as Shenzhen Bao’an district CIB Secretary, Korean Financial Secretary and representatives of ecigarette associations as well as industries. Attendees all gave their opinions on the malpractice of corporate and the standards of electronic cigarettes and oils which would promote the healthy and well-ordered development of E-cig market. World famous companies such as Innokin, Kimree, Blu, Eson, KSGIG, Boge, Feellife, Segelei also participated in the exhibition and brought their newest products for customers. Another progress was that over 100,000 visitors showed up on the exhibition. All the progress made in the exhibition shows that China E-cig market is about to welcome its era.


The First China International E-cig Exhibition was a huge success with all the media reports and supports from Chinese government. More exhibitions on E-cig are about to come which means the market of E-cig in China is about to boom. XTAR as one of the most reputable companies in E-cig products will never hesitate to cease the chance and produce the safest products for vapers. It’s our mission and motivation to bring constant safety for customers. Althoug the First E-Cig Exhibition was mainly about China market, and with all the years development, XTAR has putting more energy in oversea market, it’s still XTAR’s great honor to make its minor but powerful contribution in stimulating the boosting of China E-cig market.


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