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[2015-04-01]Congratulations for XTAR 35 kilometers hiking journey


On the day of birds twitter and fragrance of flowers, we are so excited to begin our annual outdoor activity for 35 kilometers hiking in 2015. And we are very proud that all the people in XTAR have arrived at the destination!

All the people in XTAR love outdoor activities and enjoy the 35 kilometers hiking, we love challenge and difficulties because it can bring us together to overcome all the obstacles on the road like a big family and we believe not all the people can finish this trip without the strength of unity.

Walking for 35 kilometers is a trip of lifetime and we will never forget. All the people in XTAR started to walk at 9am with full energy and speed. As time went by and the energy we consumed, we started to feel tired and some of us developed the blisters and got foot pain, its not easy but all of us had arrived at the destination at 9pm as expected.

Pursuing our dreams makes our lives better! We believe the same spirit will also show when we are making XTAR products. We dedicate ourselves to creative design, high quality control and wholehearted after-sale service and this road ahead will never have a destination for XTAR.

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