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Due to the great demand and big shortage of Sony VTC4 in the market, and in order to meet the requirements of customers, we launch this high drain battery XTVTC4, which is not only with higher capacity but also with lower price than Sony VTC4. With this excellent battery, you can enjoy smoking e-cigarette with more vapors.

 XTVTC4 provides big clouds here!


The unique features of XTVTC4 battery

v  Safety: Safety is always the priority. Special design with multi®Cprotection

    for battery cell can make sure your safety


v  High drain: 25A high drain current and lower internal resistance which ensure enough power to

    make huge vapor for e-cigarette as its best partner


v  Huge capacity: 2200mAh capacity (100mAh more than VTC4) ensure enough

    energy and enduring working time for e-cigarette, supporting about 3500

    times smoking


v  Low price: The price of XTVTC4 is much lower than VTC4 which can help you

    to save more money


v  Vape 100 times: If you use 60Wh e-cig and vape 5 seconds per time, you can vape about 100 times by one full XTVTC4. 


v  Flat top: Exact size and easy installation, better for e-cigarette


v  Reliable supply: Sufficient battery cell in hand which can make sure a short lead time for you


Do not overcharge or over discharge!

Recharge drained batteries ASAP!

Do not use short circuit battery!

Do not throw battery in fire!

Do not expose to heat!


Also the best-selling and with excellent compatibility for IMR batteries ®C XTAR

charger VC2, which is recommended for your e-cigarette to prevent overcharge

 or over discharge£¨for more info, please visit:





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