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LG ICR 18650 E1 battery

Nominal Capacity: 3200mAh

Energy: 12.0 Wh

Nominal Voltage: 3.75V

Max cut-off voltage: 4.35V”Ą0.05V

Max charge current: 0.217A

Max discharge current: 4.65A

Cut-off discharge voltage: 2.75V

Best storage temperature: -20”ę to 20”ę

Weight: 49.0 g

Size : Diameter: 18.29”Ą0.11mm Height: ”Ü 65.05mm



Battery must be charged at operating temperature range 0~45”ę.

Battery must be discharged at operating temperature range -20~60”ę.

Battery must be stored separately in a dry area with low temperature for long-term storage.

Do not use battery reversed.

Do not disassemble the battery.

Do not expose the battery to high heat (such as fire).

Do not solder on the battery directly.

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