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XTAR SP2 charger is a charger specialized for high drained equipments, like e-cigarette or flashlights. 2A charge current could achieve fast charging, which can charge two 3400mah batteries in 2.5h. And XTARs excellent features like 3-stage charging (TC/CC/CV), soft start charging function, reverse polarity and short circuit protection etc. make charge more reliable and safer.


1. Optional standard adaptor or car adaptor

2. 0V activation function, intelligently activate and revive over discharged batteries

3. Reverse polarity protection, two slots charging independently and simultaneously

4. Adopt PWM technology making charging more reliable, safer and more efficient

5. Three optional charge currents (0.5A, 1.0A, 2.0A) satisfy different demands of charge speed

6. Three-stage charge mode(TC-CC-CV)

7. Soft start charge avoids damage from surge charge current


Reviewer CommentThe charger uses CC/CV charging and soft charges nearly empty batteries, this is a very good. The possibility to select different charge current, makes the charger suitable for a wide range of battery sizes and still have a fast charge speed.

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