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XTAR Diving flashlight D26 Whale

ANSI Illumination levels:   Turbounderwater mode   High        Mid        Low  

                                                   1100Lm                     600Lm    200Lm     60Lm  

Runtime:                                         2h                             3.6h         11h       48h 

(Notice: For D26 is a professional diving light, Turbo mode is not recommended on land) 

Max Range :              310m

Max Intensity:            24025cd

Impact Resistance:     1.5m

Waterproof:   IPX8


Crust Materials: Anodized aircraft 6N01 aluminum alloy, type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Working Voltage: 2.75-4.2V

Battery: 1*18650/18700/26650

Press-type magnetic induction switch

Size: Φ46.0mmHead diax Φ33.0mmBody diax 155.0mmlength

Net Weight : 248.0gExcluded batteries

Additional Functions: Modes lock function Power Indication



1. Press-type magnetic induction switch: Locking the modes to avoid mis operation.

2. Open type switch, not affected by water pressure and easy to clean.

3. Power indication: When batteries capacity is above 25%, the LED indicator is green on; battery capacity falls at 5%-25%, the LED indicator is red on; battery capacity falls below 5%, the LED indicator flashes red.

4. Simple mode arrangement: High-Turbo-Mid-Low

5. Super bright, max output could be 1100Lm

6. Beam throw could be 310m plus 5°spot light angle, which is good for diving.

7. Excellent heat dissipation design

8. Gold-plated spring, antioxidant and avoid poor contact

9. Excellent anodized aircraft 6N01 aluminum alloy plus premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, which makes D26 anti-corrosion.

10. The 1/4 British screw hole could be fixed pretty of underwater systems.

11. Use 1*18650/18700/26650



It is recommended to clear the D26’s switch regularly after a period of time use, preventing mud or sand sedimentation.

Make sure the battery is fully charged, and the O-ring, waterproof of the D26 in good condition before diving.

Because of the different characteristics of lithium batteries and Li-ion batteries, the light output and runtime can vary.

When the indicator flashes red, change batteries immediately is recommended strongly.

When the battery power is very low, the flashlight may flash.

If the D26 flashlight will not be used for a long time, please remove the battery to protect the battery from being over discharge.





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